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Always chillin. Update on my life: Currently, I am living in NE Portland and as of the last week I am out of work, well kind of. I can't work because Catholic Community Services got audited and it was discovered that none of the employees who reside in Oregon had undergone the addition finger printing that is required by law to do any sort of counseling services in the states of Washington. Because of this, like thirteen of us have our license to counsel suspended until our fingerprints have been processed, which could take up to three weeks. I really do not understand how it comes to be that as soon as I move out, I am out of work. It's both scary and kind of awesome cause I just chill alllll day. My roomy has a crazy x-box that has been modified or whatever to have every game ever made for sega, nintendo, super nintendo, and atari installed on it. I have been playing dr. mario approximately 4 hours a day and have yet to pass level four, however I really feel today is the day.

I have met almost all my neighbors, but have only become friends with the ones across the hall. They are insane but pretty entertaining. One of them, Eric, is anarchist, as well as a genius and pot dealer. He aims to destroy capitalism, and make america a socialist society. He gets really high and rambles on and on about how he can change the world, the ideas just explode out of him and its a real mind trip. He is definitely moderately crazy, and in fact he told me that about five years ago he went through a phase of doing acid every other day, and indeed began displaying all the signs of schizophrenia even on the days he was sober. It took him several months of sobriety before his paranoia tendencies subsided.

Then there is Kyle. Kyle is flamboyantly gay. He enjoys offending all social groups, and may be one of the funniest people I have ever met. Prior to moving to portland and coming out, he was a gangster in chicago and often tells stories of when he had to escape crack houses with his bitches.

Next is Matt. Matt I would imagine is the most normal of the group, but I am not sure because I have only talked to him when he was drunk. He enjoys wine. On friday he was particularly inebriated and stumbled over to our apartment. He reminded me of Kodi when she is in a blacked out state- completely destructive. Not the type to pass out, but the type to try and walk around and end up breaking shit and creating chaos. It was hilarious, however he did break our antenna, kicked our trash can spilling trash everywhere, and then proceeded to puke red, red wine all over our couch, which fortunately we were able to clean out using laundry detergent. He then left our apartment and proceeded to puke red, red wine all over their couch. I haven't seen Matt since this night; his roommates have informed us that he wanted to say sorry but is too embarrassed. I tried to explain that I have seen much worse, and that joe and I were just thankful that it wasn't one of us puking on their couch. With habits like ours, it could have been anyone of us.

Finally, there is lauren. All i know about lauren is he is asian and appears to be pretty straight laced. He also likes to hug, so I try to avoid him as much as possible. I am just not a hugger.

Krista and Megan and down the hall from us, which is a real treat. I think Krista still occasionally reads this lj, if so, Hello. I have been enjoying my time with them and I am very happy they are so close.

I may be having people over saturday night, and I am definitely have people over for the super bowl. If you are interested in attending please do so. Also, anyone who reads this is ever interested in coming over to hang out, please do so. Like I said, I literally have no obligations right now and I just adore company.
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