too cool (brooklynforever) wrote,
too cool


i'm so good at predicting future events.

anyways tonight i walked my brother's dog (who is temporarily my dog) in sketchy lower gladstone and two giant pitbulls came out of nowhere and started attacking him! I was alone and it was so terrifying/sad. It was like 11 pm and I just started screaming for help and tried to kick the stupid dogs away. I screamed for like 2 minutes and nobody came so I got my pepper spray out and right as I am about to spray the fuckers in the eye I hear their owner yell their names. Two dumb ass tweakers who didn't seem to think its important to keep their pitbulls locked up. I yelled at them briefly but then realized what sketchy people they were and just got the hell away. Fortunately they were able to get the dogs under control before they seriously hurt sweet Elroy. Elroy and I were both shaking with fear. It was up there as one of the scariest moments of my life.
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