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so here i am

It's friday afternoon and I am laying in bed. I had my first day of work, though it was really just filling out various employment forms and watching some training videos. I am really excited to dive into this job, especially since one of the forms I had to read was the list of various activities around town to take the kids I will be working with to. There were a ton of ideas, including but not limited to: OMSI, art museum, walking around 23rd, Powells books, the zoo, the fish hatchery, etc. I can't believe I will be getting paid to do these things. It's awesome.

Today is my mom 56th birthday. So very old- it makes me scared that one of my parents are going to end up real sick one of these days. I don't know what I would do if something like that happened, it would destroy me. Anyways though, for her birthday I got her a book on collectable glassware and another on how to make homemade wine. I hope she enjoys my presents.

Other things in my life...
they exist too, but of course I would never go into it, even on here. Discretion rules my words [and actions...and thoughts] all too often. I am really trying to work on being more open about my feelings. I have always been the type to hide things from others, things that really do not require hiding.
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